Dog Training Sound Set

“Dog Training Sound Set” is an application that provides the three sounds necessary for a professional trainer to train a dog. Since the
application has been designed so as to display the screens rotated by180 degrees, you can easily operate the application, turning the speaker of your iPhone or iPod to your dog. So, please turn your iPhone or iPod upside down when using the application.

SonicCall Mode

By pushing the button in the SonicCall Mode, ultrasonic waves, which dogs dislike, are emitted from your iPhone or iPod. It is useful for stopping your dog from barking in vain or doing mischief. Don’t forget to praise your dog after he/she stopped barking or doing mischief.

Clicker Mode

The application provides click sound used for click training. At first, you cause your dog to learn the click sound, and then, you cause him/her to realize that a good or pleasant thing happens when the click sound was heard, and then, you advance the training step by step. There are a lot of Web sites that introduce the click training.
Please see such Web sites for details.

Dog Whistle Mode

The application further provides dog whistle sound produced by sampling the sound of a real dog whistle. The transmission distance of the dog whistle sound is greatly longer than that of the click sound. To train your dog that can distinguish high frequency sounds, the pitch of the sound of the whistle corresponding to an instruction must be fixed. In this mode, the dog whistle sound with a stable pitch is emitted.


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