“Feng Shui Loupan Compass” for iPad

“Feng shei Loupan Compass” provides a three-dimensional 64 points loupan designed for professionals of feng shui and people aspiring them. “Feng shei Loupan Compass” is not a mere replica of a loupan. Generally, a loupan effectively works only when used together with a compass and a map.

“Feng shei Loupan Compass” can display a loupan on a Google map, enables to find “Ryumyaku” precisely, and can display a highly-accurate electronic compass. “Feng shei Loupan Compass” has many functions only realized by making the most of the flexibility of the software, such as rotation, enlargement, translucent display, etc. “Feng shei Loupan Compass” provides three devices: a large size loupan, map and compass, which are composed of a set of tools necessary for professionals of
feng shui to perform their work in the field. “Feng shei Loupan Compass” also provides the functions of storing the information of directions and coordinates.

The appearance design of the 64 points loupan is thoroughly and perfectly reproduced in detail. Further, the small characters written on the surface of the loupan can be easily read by enlarging the loupan.

“Feng shei Loupan Compass” was made in cooperation with professionals of fengshui so as to be enough to use it in the field. By improving “Feng shei Loupan Compass”, we will upgrade it based on user’s feedbacks, as appropriate. We hope to satisfy everybody in the world through “Feng shei Loupan Compass”.

Incidentally, we can support the operations of the software, but we cannot support how to read or use the loupan.


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